Konkolo Orchestra - Future Pasts (Mimosa Marble) - Artists Konkolo Orchestra Genre Afrobeat Release Date 26 Jan 2024 Cat No. ROCLP012 Format 12" Vinyl - Rocafort Records - Rocafort Records - Rocafort Records - Konkolo Orchestra - Future Pasts (Mimosa Marb - Vinyl Record

Konkolo Orchestra - Future Pasts (Mimosa Marble)

LABEL:   Rocafort Records

ARTISTS: Konkolo Orchestra
RELEASE DATE: 2024-01-26
FORMAT: 12" Mimosa Marble Vinyl
STYLE: Afrobeat

Konkolo Orchestra is a Zürich/Switzerland based project initiated by multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Alexis Malefakis. With strong jazzy afrobeat and highlife references, Konkolo Orchestra pays homage to musical innovators such as Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Tony Oladipo Allen, Ebo Taylor and many more. This first album continues the warm, vibrant, percussive motif of the hugely popular "Blue G." single of 2022. For those who like their music to inspire journey and movement, this album is the equivalent of gatecrashing a wedding party where even granny can get her groove on. Malefakis is hardly rewriting the afrobeat textbook here, but his production charms the listener with a confident mastery of the genre. His compositions have a distinct personality and a tight structure, and are peppered with a talented array of guest vocalists: Nongoma (South Africa), Sir Frank Karikari (Ghana) and Kitio Batola (Congo); alongside Eric Owusu (Ghana) on percussion. The uplifting lyrics and joyful melodies are held together by a powerhouse horn section bearing all the swinging hallmarks of a highlife fanfare. Deeply funky and syncopated, Malefakis has produced a motivational winter warmer for both feet and spirit.

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