Cortex - Volume 2 - Cortex - Volume 2 - Artists Cortex Style Jazz-Funk Release Date 1 Jan 2013 Cat No. TVLP010 Format 12" Vinyl - Trad Vibe - Trad Vibe - Trad Vibe - Cortex - Volume 2 - Trad Vibe - Trad Vibe - Vinyl Record

Cortex - Volume 2

LABEL:   Trad Vibe

RELEASE DATE: 2013-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Jazz-Funk

Vol. 2 is the second and rarest album recorded by the legendary Cortex, the obscure French jazz and funk group that's been a favorite of collectors for years. Originally released in 1977 and reissued last in 2002 by Follow Me Records, it's now back in stock in a final limited repressing of 500 copies, reissued by Trad Vibe Records under official license from band leader Alain Mion. It really is an absolutely killer album, filled with dope jazz-funk tracks. Unlike their first album, it's all instrumental (save for a few chants on "Poxa"), and it leans even more heavily on the groove side, in a funky Blaxploitation kind of way. The group's got a strong fusion-driven groove on this set -- with plenty of tight drumming, hard riffing, and spacey keyboards that give the tunes a nicely soulful finish. The best tracks are actually the mellower ones, which have a nice use of space and sound -- creating strong little patterns of groove that stand out from the rest of the tracks. Lots of work on Fender Rhodes, mini Korg, Hammond, and clavinet

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