Damian's Ghost - After Life - Artists Damian's Ghost Genre Jungle, Drum & Bass Release Date 31 Mar 2023 Cat No. APHA029 Format 12" Vinyl - Astrophonica - Astrophonica - Astrophonica - Damian's Ghost - After Life - Astrophonica - Astrophonica - Vinyl Record

Damian's Ghost - After Life

LABEL:   Astrophonica

ARTISTS: Damian's Ghost
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-31
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Jungle, Drum & Bass

Damian’s Ghost returns to Astrophonica and picks up from where he left off - humbly rolling out the most exquisite Atmospheric Jungle tracks you’ll hear this decade. After Life is four blissed out emotional journeys full of classy pads, hazy breaks and ghost-like traces of a cultural past. The origins of this music developed at such a fast pace that some eras and styles were oftenshort lived leaving us questioning what may have become. Damian’s Ghost exists in that great unknown and continues the lineage gracefully towards sonic excellence.

“In this era of rampant clout chasing via social media and a ‘who can shout the loudest competition’ it’s incredibly calming and grounding to have an artist like Damian’s Ghost. His music has everything I look for - it’s unique and has an immediate and strong identity. I can tell a Damian’s track from the first couple of bars” - Fracture

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