Deep Heavy Fear - 'Dark Days' Vinyl - Artists Deep Heavy Fear Genre Downtempo, Wave Release Date 10 June 2022 Cat No. DHF1 (10/06) Format 12" Vinyl - No Label - No Label - No Label - Deep Heavy Fear - 'Dark Days' Vinyl - No Label - No Label - Vinyl Record

Deep Heavy Fear - 'Dark Days' Vinyl

LABEL:   No Label

ARTISTS: Deep Heavy Fear
RELEASE DATE: 2022-06-21
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Downtempo, Wave

Deep Heavy Fear's debut 12" presents two vocal downtempo pop tracks co-produced with Saâda Bonaire, presented in self pressed outersleeve, limited edition.

Dark Days is the debut offering from Berlin-based Anglo-American trio Deep Heavy Fear. A twelve inch of glimmering pop melodies with a portentous undercurrent, comprised of two tracks from a batch of songs co-produced with cult Bremen synth-pop allies Saâda Bonaire. The A-side's serpentine synth bass and sub-100 bpm mark it for downtempo dancefloor consumption, while the B-side charts a tentative homeward retreat through twilit murmurations. Self-pressed & presented in a hand-printed and numbered multi-colour kraftpak sleeve, designed by band vocalist Chloe Grove. Limited edition of 137 copies.

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