Good Block - Naiad / Dryad - Artists Good Block Genre Digi Dub, Balearic Release Date 29 Jul 2022 Cat No. G.B003 Format 12" Vinyl - Good Block - Good Block - Good Block - Good Block - Naiad / Dryad - Good Block - Good Block - Vinyl Record

Good Block - Naiad / Dryad

LABEL:   Good Block

ARTISTS: Good Block
RELEASE DATE: 2022-07-29
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Digi Dub, Balearic

Good Block’s third release of original material, 'Naiad / Dryad' is an exploration into the deeper side of ambient dub, which sees a different ethos and approach to production, with all four tracks individually dubbed live on the console, evoking a deep listening experience.

Naiad is an emotionally charged digi-dub roller which draws influence from the ambient mid 90’s output of labels such as Dubhead, Lion Claw Records and Lion Inc, with a spaced out alternative mix to follow.

Dryad on the flip, fuses an 80s slap-bass sensibility with a deeper, more exotic feel. Delicate tribal samples rest on a heavy dub framework as the track drifts away. The alternative mix offers an even more sparse take, ditching the sharp slap-bass in favour of distant flute samples.

Naiad / Dryad is limited to 300 copies written, produced, mixed and artwork by the duo.

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