John Beltran - 'La Mañana' Vinyl - Artists John Beltran Genre Techno Release Date 25 March 2022 Cat No. SRWAX15 Format 12" Vinyl - Stasis Recordings - Stasis Recordings - Stasis Recordings - John Beltran - 'La Mañana' Vinyl - Stasis Recordings - Stasis Re - Vinyl Record

John Beltran - 'La Mañana' Vinyl

LABEL:   Stasis Recordings

ARTISTS: John Beltran
RELEASE DATE: 2022-03-18
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Techno

La Mañana is the ideal toe dip for people not familiar with the styles and sounds of John Beltran. Longtime fans will recognize the luscious production and arrangement detail synonymous with John’s name and gravitate to the EP quadrant they identify with.

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