Kiyohiko Ozaki - 'Young Lady Softly' Vinyl - Artists Kiyohiko Ozaki Genre Disco, Funk, Reissue Release Date 24 Jun 2022 Cat No. HMJA155 Format 7" Vinyl - Lawson Entertainment Inc - Lawson Entertainment Inc - Lawson Entertainment Inc - Kiyohiko Ozaki - You - Vinyl Record

Kiyohiko Ozaki - Young Lady Softly

LABEL:   Lawson Entertainment Inc

ARTISTS: Kiyohiko Ozaki
RELEASE DATE: 2022-06-24
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco, Funk, Reissue

The third installment of the series "EXHUME EXHUME" supervised by DJ FLATT THE LAIDBACK, which is currently attracting the most attention as a digger who continues to dig the deepest part of Japanese products!

This time, a single cut from Kiyohiko Ozaki's popular work "Kaze no Graffiti", which was produced with Yuji Ohno as the producer, to "Lady's Softly"!

Elegant and gorgeous Kiyohiko style Philly Soul that combines sweetness and thrilling!

Among his many masterpieces, this is his first 7-inch version, boasting outstanding quality and popularity with experts!

The coupling includes a disco funk "OK" with an impressive ridged baseline!

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