Man/ipulate - 'Watatsumi' Vinyl - Artists Man/ipulate Genre Tech House Release Date 7 Oct 2022 Cat No. SENTAKU007 Format 12" Vinyl - Sentaku - Sentaku - Sentaku - Man/ipulate - 'Watatsumi' Vinyl - Sentaku - Sentaku - Vinyl Record

Man/ipulate - 'Watatsumi' Vinyl

LABEL:   Sentaku

ARTISTS: Man/ipulate
RELEASE DATE: 2022-10-07
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Tech House

On our seventh release, Man/ipulate encapsulates Watatsumi’s spirit, the legendary water dragon. Known as the ruler of the seas and god of the oceans, he would control storms and rainfalls, protect its waters and transform into animals and human forms making him one of the most influential creatures in Japanese mythology.

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