Matthias - 'Placid' Vinyl - Artists Matthias Genre Tech House Release Date 23 Sept 2022 Cat No. FAC-2 Format 12" Vinyl - Faciendo - Faciendo - Faciendo - Matthias - 'Placid' Vinyl - Faciendo - Faciendo - Vinyl Record

Matthias - 'Placid' Vinyl

LABEL:   Faciendo

ARTISTS: Matthias
RELEASE DATE: 2022-09-23
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Tech House

Picking up where Triform left off, the prodigiously talented Matthias turns in one of his most impressive works to date with a four track EP showcasing the breadth of his sound. The mercurial Placid is one of his most original works.  An intricate journey that builds to the orchestral backdrop being shattered by a bold acidic lead. While the title track is a headier affair, Liturgic Acid Year is aimed squarely at the dancefloor; a rolling acid groove awash with lush pads punctuated by jittery percussive fills.

On the B side, the otherworldly Enon takes things into darker territory; with sophisticated arps materializing over a metronomic bassline. Finally, the unique Omega Doom makes up the EP.  A study in contrast, it sees 90’s stabs and frenetic toms juxtaposed against apocalyptic strings - giving the track a distinct prog sensibility.

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