Mpeg - Thanks For Calling - Artists Mpeg Genre Breakbeat, Deep House Release Date 4 Nov 2022 Cat No. SEMID013 Format 12" Vinyl - Semi Delicious - Semi Delicious - Semi Delicious - Semi Delicious - Vinyl Record

Mpeg - Thanks For Calling

LABEL:   Semi Delicious

RELEASE DATE: 2022-11-04
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Breakbeat, Deep House

Following outings on Slump, Hâws & Schimmer, mpeg makes his Semi-Delicious bow with an all killer, no filler collection of acidic tinged, progressive bombs.

The release kicks off with the hypnotic ‘I Do Me’. The track rolls effortlessly into a crescendo of synthetic stabs, panning acid and a throbbing bass fit for Goa. Starting off with a bang, we roll into the breakbeat inflected ‘Kotanyi’. We’re treated to more psychedelic, progressive goodness with a slightly more brooding tone. Subtle keys lighten the track’s final stanza giving it serious sunrise set potential. B1 gives us the colourful ‘Thanks For Calling’. Swirling bleeps and descending acid lines contrast the records balearic sensibilities setting the tone nicely for the Ice Cream side of Semi Delicious’ 13th outing. ‘You Do You’ brings with it broken beats, a top line akin to golden era Italian house and more citrus-y undertones that characterise the record. ‘Shapeshifter’ wraps up the affair with a bang employing an almost speed garage-esque low end below the psychedelic symphony of extraterrestrial sonics dancing above.

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