mtbrd - Just Visiting - Artists mtbrd Genre Hip-Hop Release Date 15 April 2022 Cat No. CB141-7 Format 7" Vinyl - COLD BUSTED - COLD BUSTED - COLD BUSTED - mtbrd - Just Visiting - COLD BUSTED - COLD BUSTED - Vinyl Record

mtbrd - Just Visiting


ARTISTS: mtbrd
RELEASE DATE: 2022-04-15
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Hip-Hop

Prolifically crafting beats from the UK, mtbrd is the latest artist to tackle Cold Busted's high-flying Jet Set series. With his self-released singles and albums — including last year's coffee-flavored Damn Fine — mtbrd has attracted a large following of downtempo-minded fans awaiting his latest beat-scapes. Just Visiting, his 4-song Jet Set installment is just the ticket. mtbrd's soulful rhythm constructions and cut-up loops make the EP a top-flight addition to his growing discography. The title track opens Just Visiting with a bang — heavy boom-bap beats, cleverly assembled vocal hits, and its dramatic change-ups give the cut an irresistible velocity. "So Long" carries its 9 soulful vibe through shimmering electric piano, short guitar riff splashes, and a crackling snare drum. Next is "Ti Amo" with its cinematic flair, assisted by big drums, a pulsing low end, and evocative string phrases. "Lost In Translation" ends the journey, laying out chiming guitar chords, driving hand percussion, and infectious vocal melodies.

Full Tracklist

1. Just Visiting 2. So Long 3. Ti Amo 4. Lost In Translation

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