Sally - Dar Disku 005 - Artists Sally Genre Disco, Nu-Disco Release Date February 25, 2022 Cat No. DDV005 Format 12" Vinyl - Dar Disku - Dar Disku - Dar Disku - Sally - Dar Disku 005 - Dar Disku - Dar Disku - Vinyl Record

Sally - Dar Disku 005

LABEL:   Dar Disku

RELEASE DATE: 2022-09-09
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco, Nu-Disco

The label say:
"Dar Disku release their fifth installment of middle eastern records flipped for the dancefloor. Teaming up with Milan based duo ‘Eternal Love’ - the desert island diggers and label have reissued a ‘Cairo calypso’ inspired Egyptian rarity known as ‘Zawgy Al Azeez’ along with ‘Yom Fil Kahera’ by 90’s popstar Sally.

Dar Disku was introduced to this hidden gem by fellow MENA crate digger Moataz aka ‘Disco Arabesquo” after his recent trip home to Egypt. Once the duo heard the track, they immediately knew it was destined to be flipped for the dancefloor. After tracking down the original owner of the 90’s Cairo based label ‘Digitec Records’ the duo embarked on a series of online meetings and idea exchanges between Amr (the original composer of both tracks) and Eternal Love. Over a series of weeks, ideas, voice notes and project files were exchanged and by the end of the collaboration … a calypso tinged groover sprung to life.

Embracing the original sonics of 90’s Egypt and combining this with thumping Yamaha DX7 bass, caribbean percussion and detuned snares - a future classic was born. "

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