Stu J - 'Take Me To Your Leader' Vinyl - Artists Stu J Genre Jungle, Hardcore Release Date 27 May 2022 Cat No. VFS035 Format 12" Vinyl - Vinyl Fanatiks - Vinyl Fanatiks - Vinyl Fanatiks - Stu J - 'Take Me To Your Leader' Vinyl - Vinyl Fanatiks - Vinyl Fan - Vinyl Record

Stu J - 'Take Me To Your Leader' Vinyl

LABEL:   Vinyl Fanatiks

RELEASE DATE: 2022-05-27
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Jungle, Hardcore

The two tracks on this release ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ and ‘Bodyrock’ were made in Stu J’s living room at the Polygon in Southampton. His studio partner Don had a Roland W30 work station that he would bring over, which was an all in one sampler and sequencer. “I think this is also what The Prodigy used at the time” Stu tells me. There was also an Akai 950, a 24 track Allen & Heath desk and a Quadraverb which Stu owned. “I think that was it, that’s all we had to make these tracks. It was such a great time that you could make music with such limited gear. It was like things were better if you had minimal gear to work with.”

When the tracks were completed Stu used a company called Perpetual for all the cutting and pressing as he didn’t have any links directly, so a one stop shop was the best course of action to get his releases out there. “It was a crazy experience. As we had limited sample time, big sections of the track are mixed in live from another record on the decks. Don had the sequencer, so he knew what he was doing on that side of things, far more than me. I was the DJ and knew how a tune should be structured. Don was an amazing engineer. He was so much more than an engineer though. This track is a seminal tune for any raver on the South Coast of the UK as Stu would be playing Madisons, Remix, Adrenalin parties as well as Fantazia at Matchams. But this release went far beyond the south, it was a national treasure that take those who listen back to 1991, the year this release was first pressed. Now available remastered and repressed on heavyweight green vinyl.

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