The Reese Project - Remixes - Artists The Reese Project Joey Negro The Playboys C.J. Mackintosh Genre Deep House Release Date 7 Jul 2022 Cat No. NWKT25 Format 12" Vinyl - Network Records - Network Records - Network Records - The Reese Project - Remixes - - Vinyl Record

The Reese Project - Remixes

LABEL:   Network Records

ARTISTS: The Reese Project, Joey Negro, The Playboys, C.J. Mackintosh
RELEASE DATE: 2022-07-07
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Deep House

It started with a night out at New York’s Sound Factory - and turned into an obsession, Inner City main man Kevin “Reese” Saunderson and his then manager, Neil Rushton, were at the NY uber house club when The Pressure by The Sounds Of Blackness got its’ debut World play, with the ecstatic response from the crowd meaning it was spun three times in a row.

Nobody was more knocked out than Kevin who vowed there and then to come up with a Detroit answer, much to the delight of Soul mad Rushton, co-owner of the Network label.

The idea of The Reese Project was quickly turned into House Heaven reality as Kevin recruited Detroit vocalist diva Rachel Kapp to record the anthemic Direct Me & The Colour Of Love as the first two singles.

Network made the group a main priority, coming with a whole slew of remixes to complement the original USA mixes on the subsequent album. Three of the most loved Network remixes are on this wonderful timeless 12.

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