Transmission Towers - Transmission One - Transmission Towers - Transmission One - Artists Transmission Towers Style Electronic, Soul, Funk Release Date 10 May 2024 Cat No. ESOULLP01 Format 12" Vinyl - Mr Bongo - Mr Bongo - Mr Bongo - Transmission Towers - - Vinyl Record

Transmission Towers - Transmission One

LABEL:   Mr Bongo

ARTISTS: Transmission Towers
RELEASE DATE: 2024-05-10
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Electronic, Soul, Funk

On either side of the river Mersey, transcendental communications are traded back and forth. Two late-night revellers, one firing messages filled with music, the other returning them laced with lyrics. The result, a dopamine hit of oddball machine soul, melded with a highlife, Afrofuturist touch. Wonky and murky yet deeply emotional, Transmission One, is a debut album that also marks the first release on Luke Una's E Soul Cultura label, encompassing expertly the off-kilter atmosphere the label sets to orbit. A synthesised landscape with a Northern charm, Transmission Towers marry the musical worlds of two artists that last collaborated over a decade ago. 10 years have passed, lives have been led, but a gravitational pull has placed Mark Kyriacou and Eleanor Mante back in each other's spheres on opposite sides of the city of Liverpool. Energised with a newfound desire to strip it all back to the sounds that influenced their formative years in the late '80s and '90s - astral travelling, intoxicated on Motor City techno, Black Dog IDM and mystical Sun Ra. Mark half Irish, half Greek Cypriot, Eleanor half Nigerian, half Ghanian, the music contained within is an alchemy of those roots and the pivotal acts that buried deep into their minds. A cosmic contrast, part machine- made, part distinctly human. Take the opener 'UP', an ESG- channelling, sci- f punk beatdown or the polychromatic hyperspace anthem 'Roller Skater 23'. Transportive throughout, you ride the solar waves, pace and emotion ebbing and flowing. Tracks like 'Go Slow Heart' and 'Cosmic Trigger' step to a slower beat but hit with a punch. The former, a slo-mo blast of celestial tenderness, the latter an otherworldly, chugged- out lunar excursion, micro- dosing on whacked- out Wah Wah and Eleanor's ethereal vocals. Beaming love letters to space and back, 'Sparse' marries the organic with the artificial, pianos and percussion circling around synth pads and broadcasting bleeps. Elsewhere, vibrations move faster. 'Mega' strikes, fusing sonic tribalism with psychedelic swirls, as 'Everything' sweeps you up in its extra-terrestrial new wave grip. Synth stabs and basslines fizzing from every angle. Demos of Transmission Towers music surfaced on Luke Una's radar, making him stop in his tracks. Something magical was emerging, perfectly aligned with the E Soul guardian's tastes. Guidance followed, quickly turning into conversations about Transmission One becoming the first release on Luke's own label. Escapist and futurist yet grounded and relatable. Transmission One is synthesis meets sentiment with a deep, spine-tingling soul at its core.

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