X-Plode - 'Re-Blasted' Vinyl - Artists X-Plode Genre Hardcore, Breakbeat Release Date 8 Jul 2022 Cat No. AB-VFS018 Format 12" Vinyl - Amen Brother - Amen Brother - Amen Brother - X-Plode - 'Re-Blasted' Vinyl - Amen Brother - Amen Brother - Vinyl Record

X-Plode - 'Re-Blasted' Vinyl

LABEL:   Amen Brother

RELEASE DATE: 2022-07-06
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Hardcore, Breakbeat

Lee X-plode is one of our artists from Vinyl Fanatiks who released an EP back in 1992 that was HUGE! Over the years this self-funded white label grew in popularity, with copies fetching over £200. He joined the family in 2020 when we re-released this monster, selling out instantly.

Lee is back on the hardcore hustle once again, bringing his 3rd EP onto Amen Brother, this time incorporating a more melodic piano vibe into his raw to the core 91 hardcore sounds. You will find yourself raising your hands in the breakdowns before going straight into the pumping 4/4 breakbeat roll outs. Music to move to!

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