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'Music They Love'... we ask DJ's and producers to delve into their collection and put together a selection of records that have meant a lot to them in the past, as well as the present. All things inspirational and influential - the records which have shaped their sound as a producer or selection as a DJ.

Next up in the series is the maestro Mystic Jungle! We're super lucky to have him down for an hour and a half of his favourite cuts and rarities beamed direct from HQ in sunny Napoli. He also had some words to say about the mix:

"99% of the music is Italian with the exception of a song by "Willsden Dodgers", a collective of sound technicians who have produced DJ tools for Jive Records that should be in every bag ... There are also a lot of songs made here in Napoli. The first is taken from a mysterious album produced by a record distribution that existed a few steps from my recording studio ... Then there is a theme song by a glorious local radio station, the year of publication is 1987 but judging by the style it seems that it was recorded several years earlier ...

Still from Napoli there is an Ara Macao song from the album Reflection included in the last "Napoli Segreta Volume 2" ... Maurizio Sangineto is not missing, in my opinion [he is] the strongest producer of the first half of the 80s. It's basically thanks to him we have electronic boogie-style cult records made in Italy.

I also wanted to include something that comes close to electro new wave such as the song produced by Studio Sound Track (Bologna) and always from the same city one of my favorite Italian Disco Funk song with the voice of Marzio Vincenzi ("Macho" together with Mauro Malavasi) and produced by the same author of "Flowchart"."

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