Balam - Chants Of Pachamama Part 2 - Artists Balam Genre Techno, Tribal Release Date 29 Nov 2021 Cat No. HRDF015 Format 12" Vinyl - Hard Fist - Vinyl Record

Balam - Chants Of Pachamama Part 2

LABEL:   Hard Fist

RELEASE DATE: 2021-11-29
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Techno, Tribal

After a first volume released in September 2020 on Hard Fist, Argentinian Balam comes with “Chants of Pachamama (Part. 2)”, including a remix by Matias Aguayo.

This time Balam focuses on the experience around the ritual of magic plants that is practiced in the deep South-American rainforest. By mixing modular synth, stromping basslines, haunting vocals and real played percussions produced in his studio “Submarea” in Buenos AIres, he recreates a psychedelic trip from beginning to end.

The opening track “Yagé” is the name for a magic plant that can be found in many places in South America. With a tight djembe, the magician comes with his chants for starting the ceremony just before the bass bursts for a pagan dance. An irresistible lead synth takes the climax higher until the break where the magician enters the void and the psychedelic trip begins.

“El Curandero” – the chaman who leads the ritual – is the second tune of a frenetic organic and modular percussion bass driven dance stomper. Blazing synthesizers create a state of confusion and hallucinations when “el curandero” chants his icaros. The djembes and shakers move behind the heavy bassline while analog ding and dongs go crazy all over.

The second last track “Golfo”, just before the remix, is an instrumental tune, the end of the experience: heavy synthetic percussion, modular ambient sounds, a modal marimba and a very present djembe jamming until it fades in the analog night.

The closing track is a great reinterpretation of “Wakax” from “Chants of Pachamama (Part 1)” by the legend Matias Aguayo. A dark and heavy bass mixed with a tricky use of lots of the original elements makes you wanna twerk all night long.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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