Ben Pirani & The Means of Production - I Know It Hurts - Artists Ben Pirani & The Means of Production Genre Soul Release Date 5 May 2023 Cat No. PST005 Format 7" Vinyl - Vinyl Record

Ben Pirani & The Means of Production - I Know It Hurts

LABEL:   Palmetto St Recording Co

ARTISTS: Ben Pirani & The Means of Production
RELEASE DATE: 2023-05-05
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl

On the new Something So Precious EP Ben Pirani & The Means Of Production continue to push into unexplored territory. The lead single | Know It Hurts, a softly melancholic dirge, features Bran Jackson (of Gil Scott Heron Fame) on flute punctuating the smokey mood while complimenting the daring harmonies. on We Are The Lovers Ben and Co make a forceful yet melodic statement about just who they are and what they mean to do! The swirling strings, dense harmony, swinging tempo and psychedelic extended outro demands a listener's attention. The title track Something So Precious features Ben alone on vocals accompanied only by himself and a string quartet. Here he explores impressionistic vocal moves and dissonant sting arrangements. Equal parts The Famingoes and Satie.

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