Betty Lou Landreth – Betty Lou - Artists Betty Lou Landreth Genre Soul Release Date February 25, 2022 Cat No. BK037 Format 2 x 12" Vinyl - Backatcha Records - Backatcha Records - Backatcha Records - Betty Lou Landreth – Betty Lou - Backatcha Records - Bac - Vinyl Record

Betty Lou Landreth – Betty Lou

LABEL:   Backatcha Records

ARTISTS: Betty Lou Landreth
RELEASE DATE: 2022-02-25
FORMAT: 2 x 12" Vinyl

Originally released in 1979, Betty Lou Landreth's Betty Lou has been expanded to a 15-song double album featuring the original studio recordings along with bonus material, alternative takes, and extensive liner notes from Joel Palmer, the producer of this Motor City holy grail.

Recorded in Detroit and produced and released by Detroit-born jazz historian Joel Palmer on his YaYa label, the album features many veteran and esteemed Detroit and New Orleans Jazzmen. Alongside Joel, producer and arranger Charlie Gabriel recruited some of the city’s top fellow musicians for the session, including his longtime friend and housemate, trumpeter Marcus Belgrave, drummer J.C. Heard, Motown's Funk Brothers, keys player Emmanuel Riggins, bassist Hubie Crawford, pianist Geri Allen, violinist Travis Biggs, the Body sisters and many more.

"Honestly, there were never any commercial expectations or aspirations for the album. We just got together to cook up a gumbo. Detroit, New Orleans, funk, jazz, torch, country and some great, great musicians to bring the flavours together. Our only intent was to create the best work of music possible; one which would allow Betty Lou Landreth to display her extraordinary vocal skills, and that we did. The reissue serves as a monument to all of those who all those long years ago contributed their special magic to creating a very unique musical work which has endured the test of time.” Joel Palmer, 2021.

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