Bolam - Lost in Time - Artists Bolam Genre Breakbeat, Trance, Prog House Release Date 7 Oct 2022 Cat No. SPACEDUST3 Format 12" Vinyl - Space Dust - Vinyl Record

Bolam - Lost in Time

LABEL:   Space Dust

RELEASE DATE: 2022-10-07
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Breakbeat, Trance, Prog House

Bolam is back on Space Dust with the 'Lost In Time' EP, a continuation of the journey started with the widely acclaimed 'Suspended Animation'. Another well-rounded and diverse record dives into the wormhole with ’Moving Lights’, a high-energy affair propelled by filtering resonators and a haunting vocal. ’Ozone’ breaks through the stratosphere of a new world, a huge track with electro-inspired groove, booming kicks and a razor-sharp lead melody, creating a feeling of uncertainty and delirium with swelling pads and arpeggiators.

The B-side begins with the mysterious and epic, genre-defying anthem ’Air Tension’, enticing the listener into the strange new world with a chugging rhythm, tantalising textures and an indescribable melody that keeps you on the line between paranoia and euphoria. ’Bioluminescence’ descends into an alien jungle, with a hypnotic, dreamy, downtempo beat and iridescent synths and chords. Finally, as you lay down in the otherworldly glade, the record wraps up with the ethereal, ambient finisher, ‘2 Parsecs From Home’.

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