Causa - Haiy / Untitled R V3 C - Artists Causa Genre Dubstep, Bass Release Date 11 March 2022 Cat No. IFS031 Format 12" Vinyl - Infernal Sounds - Infernal Sounds - Infernal Sounds - Infernal Sounds - Vinyl Record

Causa - Haiy / Untitled R V3 C

LABEL:   Infernal Sounds

RELEASE DATE: 2022-03-11
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Dubstep, Bass

Causa returns to Infernal Sounds for his debut solo release, after his previous two outings in collaboration with Shu (IFS003) and as part of the VA Crimson LP (IFS025). This time he presents two standout tracks, and a strong message to go alongside. With the world requiring more sustainability and less waste, this record has been created with the most measures possible to create a greener record - The 12" are made in a completely climate-neutral way, the material having been recycled, all unavoidable Co2 emissions have been offset, the cardboard/centre labels are either FSG approved or via recycled means, and even the artwork has been made with all of this in mind, using minimal ink work and a restricted colour pallet to limit the amount of waste throughout. 

Not only that, but the two tracks on the 12" absolutely slap, radiating that trademark Causa swampy-sound. 'Haiy' kicks off the proceedings with a reverberating lead before plunging you into a frenzy of mid-range madness, and bass-curdling pressure. 'Untitled R V3 C' has been a long sought after dubplate, having done the rounds for a few years. It's a proper groovy, swinger, providing you with pure invigoration. 

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