Central Fire - This Is A Shout Going Out - Artists Central Fire Genre Breakbeat, Techno Release Date 29 Jul 2022 Cat No. MC054 Format 12" Vinyl - Mint Condition - Mint Condition - Mint Condition - Central Fire - This Is A Shout Going Out - Mint Condition - Vinyl Record

Central Fire - This Is A Shout Going Out

LABEL:   Mint Condition

ARTISTS: Central Fire
RELEASE DATE: 2022-07-29
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Breakbeat, Techno

Mint Condition - A record label focused on excavating the outer fringes of classic House and Techno. Unreleased mixes, classics, overlooked gems and never heard before material, mined from the last 30+ years of contemporary dance music are the order of the day. From Chicago, Detroit and New York to London and beyond. Mint Condition have got their digging hats on to bring you exclusive heat and those rarer than rare jams that have been in your wants list for years.
Dig in....

Back in the early '90's California's West Coast's parties, raves and clubs began to be fueled by the emergent sound of tripped out acid breakbeats and
psychedelic house jams. Jason Drummond, AKA DJ Spun & Courtney Nielsen teamed up as Central Fire, their debut was both influential and pioneering, released in '94 on Twitch Recordings, a mainstay of the San Fran scene, it would pathe the way for what was to come.

'This Is A Shout Going Out' (Into The Future Mix) opens with infectious bubbling 303, there's breaks aplenty with expertly programmed twists and turns
along the way, whilst the vocal keeps it lively throughout. The Sliced and Diced Mix sees Jim Hopkins edit the original down into a jam packed journey.
Over on the flip 'Central Fire' (Yes People It's Time Pt.1 and 2) takes a more stripped back approach, a b-line and breaks that deliver the funk underpin
delicate riffs, dub FX and an unforgettable flute interplay to turn this track into another devastatingly programmed episodic ride.

This EP has stood the test of time, an essential rarity that has achieved cult status amongst the most discerning DJs, music heads and record collectors alike.

It has been legitimately re-released with the full involvement of Jason and Courtney, lovingly remastered by London's Curve Pusher from the original DATs especially for Mint Condition. 100% legit, licensed and released. Dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to you by the caring folks at your favourite reissue label - Mint Condition!

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