Cody Currie - Cash / Money Remixes - Artists Cody Currie Genre Soulful House, Jazzy House Release Date 21 Apr 2023 Cat No. TOYT143 Format 12" Vinyl - Toy Tonics - Toy Tonics - Toy Tonics - Toy Tonics - Vinyl Record

Cody Currie - Cash / Money Remixes

LABEL:   Toy Tonics

ARTISTS: Cody Currie
RELEASE DATE: 2023-04-21
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Soulful House, Jazzy House

Dan Shake, Kaidi Tatham, Jamie 3:26 on Toy Tonics! Yes. Toy Tonics lead artist Cody Currie released his debut album on the Berlin label last year and now here come the remixes! Pure dancefloor joy is guaranteed with this release. The names speak for themselves. And they really made effective DJ weapons out of Cody's very organic sounding, warm, soul-driven jazzy house songs.

Cody by now doesn't need a big introduction anymore. He is one of the „hot“ names from London’s new house scene (even if he lives in Berlin) and being the only one who has made a collabo with Eliza Rose created a certain buzz not just in UK. (they recorded the tracks Danger, Moves, Night Sky released on Cody's debut album Lucas).

Since the album release Cody is playing worldwide solo shows but also along with DJs such as Honey Dijon, Parcels or Myd from Ed Banger. This EP will make his album music more accesible for dancefloors. Amazing remixes...

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