Comb Edits - Por Amor - Artists Comb Edits Style Disco Edits Release Date 5 Apr 2024 Cat No. ITTY04 Format 7" Vinyl - I Travel To You - I Travel To You - I Travel To You - I Travel To You - Vinyl Record

Comb Edits - Por Amor

LABEL:   I Travel To You

ARTISTS: Comb Edits
RELEASE DATE: 2024-04-26
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco Edits

DJ Support: Admin, Charlie Bones, Frederika, Gilles Peterson, Make A Dance, Rustam Ospanoff, Sam Don, Semi-Skimmed Edits. This rare take on the Bobby Caldwell classic will bring latin warmth to any dancefloor. Por Amor was the title track from the first ITTY release in 2021, after many requests for a repress it’s finally out again – now on a 7” with a new Comb dub version on the flip! Feedback: 'This is a really great re-edit of a track you will recognise' - Gilles Peterson

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