Cortex - Les Oiseaux Morts - Cortex - Les Oiseaux Morts - Artists Cortex Style Jazz-Funk Release Date 1 Jan 2020 Cat No. TV017 Format 7" Vinyl - Trad Vibe - Trad Vibe - Trad Vibe - Cortex - Les Oiseaux Morts - Trad Vibe - Trad Vibe - Vinyl Record

Cortex - Les Oiseaux Morts

LABEL:   Trad Vibe

RELEASE DATE: 2020-01-01
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Jazz-Funk

French avantgarde Jazz-Funk pioneers Cortex released three milestone albums during the seventies including the iconic Troupeau Bleu. Their music has been sampled by Hip Hop artists such as MF Doom, Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross and as a consequence is still very much alive today. Trad Vibe Records proudly presents a first time re-issue of their double sider 7inch single from 1976 Les Oiseaux Morts / Back To Life. We are sure that you will enjoy the melancholic beauty of “Les Oiseaux Morts” and the harmonica driven disco funk of “Back To Life”.

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