Cortex - Medley - Cortex - Medley - Artists Cortex Style Jazz-Funk Release Date 1 Jan 2020 Cat No. TV1210 Format 12" Vinyl - Trad Vibe - Trad Vibe - Trad Vibe - Cortex - Medley - Trad Vibe - Trad Vibe - Vinyl Record

Cortex - Medley

LABEL:   Trad Vibe

RELEASE DATE: 2020-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Jazz-Funk

The first reissue of the famous and long-awaited "Medley Maxi 45" by Cortex. Originally released in 1979, this Medley is the perfect tool for DJs (Already played by MCDE at We Love Green Festival as the Final track…). On B side the “Mary & Jeff (Fender Rhodes Version 77)” was released in 2010 on a very limited 7inch (TV003). Never republished! Remastered from original tape by Trad Vibe records.

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