David Jackson - 'Guinness Italo' Vinyl - Artists David Jackson Genre Nu-Disco, Italo-Disco Release Date 20 May 2022 Cat No. FM12039 Format 12" Green Vinyl - Frank Music - Frank Music - Frank Music - David Jackson - Guinness Italo - Frank Music - Frank Mus - Vinyl Record

David Jackson - Guinness Italo

LABEL:   Frank Music

ARTISTS: David Jackson
RELEASE DATE: 2022-06-17
FORMAT: 12" Green Vinyl
STYLE: Nu-Disco, Italo-Disco

Third times's a charm! Sir - or better - Signore David Jackson is back with his third record for Frank Music. Our Heidelberg posterboy has constructed some of his best work to date. "Guinness Italo" is by far the recipe you need at your party too. Imagine the spice of a perfect Negroni mixed with all the charme of another pint in your favourite pub with all your mates. Nothing but good times indeed. "Guinness Italo" arrives in various forms, shapes & dreams. One for the euphoric Italo moment, one a hundred percent emotional, one going Trance all the way and finally one just for the Drums. What's your choice lad? Slainte!

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