DAWL - 'Pump Up The Noise' Vinyl - Artists DAWL Genre Hardcore, Jungle Release Date 24 Jun 2022 Cat No. AB-VFS015 Format 12" Vinyl - Amen Brother - Amen Brother - Amen Brother - Amen Brother - Vinyl Record

DAWL - 'Pump Up The Noise' Vinyl

LABEL:   Amen Brother

RELEASE DATE: 2022-06-24
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Hardcore, Jungle

A brand new signing to the label, DAWL is well known in the acid realms of the breakbeat sphere but is from the hardcore generation and a regular customer of Vinyl Fanatiks. We asked him if he wanted to use his knowledge of the scene to create us a proper little rave induced banger. I think you will agree with us that he has achieved this to great success. Authentic and blissful with just the right amount of energy to keep you peeked.

4 slabs of darkness and light to take you from the day to the night. HANDS UP IN THE AIR ALL CREW!

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