Delano Smith - Deeper Fundamentals 2 - Artists Delano Smith Genre Detroit House, Techno Release Date 1 Jan 2021 Cat No. MM 015 Format 12" Vinyl - Mixmode Recordings - Vinyl Record

Delano Smith - Deeper Fundamentals 2

LABEL:   Mixmode Recordings

ARTISTS: Delano Smith
RELEASE DATE: 2021-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Detroit House, Techno

American house don Delano Smith is one of the more low key artists from the mid west, but there is no real reason why he should be. He has a stripped back sound that is based on building the perfect loops and embellishing them with only the most subtle but subversive details. He follows that MO once more here on Mixmode Recordings. 'Twisted Dreams' is as stripped back as they come, but it still hooks you in for the ride. 'Anything' then gets a little more amped up, with bulky kick drums and mournful chords draped in from above. 'Constant' is full flavour, full bodied, rolling deep and dubby house par excellence.

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