Dennis Farnon - Cavendish Series Vol 3 - Artists Dennis Farnon Genre Jazz-Funk, Jazz Release Date 24 Feb 2023 Cat No. KU07105 Format 7" Vinyl - King Underground - King Underground - King Underground - King Underground - Vinyl Record

Dennis Farnon - Cavendish Series Vol 3

LABEL:   King Underground

ARTISTS: Dennis Farnon
RELEASE DATE: 2023-02-24
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Jazz-Funk, Jazz

King Underground presents a stunning collection of 8 releases pressed onto 7" vinyl from the Cavendish Music catalogue Paying homage to the genre of Library Music, furthering its exposure to a new generation of listeners.

Library Music experienced its heyday in the 60s and 70s, as thousands of instrumental tracks were produced by musicians and composers for the purpose of placements in Radio, Television, and Film. This rich piece of European music history would go on to inform genres to come and speak heavily to the Jazz, Funk, and Hip Hop communities of the future. This was often a musician's frst opportunity to become a composer, or what most would commonly know now as producer of music. These composers would work with a stable of musicians to record 100's of tracks that would go into a publishing Library. The pieces of music were recorded quickly and deliberately. The composers, musicians, and engineers understood their role in the process, it was an act of discipline amongst all involved. Often the composer was given a brief on what the end goal was for the client. The specifcs would include tempo to lock into, song ending time, etc. Never before have these tracks from the Cavendish Music Library been pressed on 7" vinyl at 45RPM. The collection includes compositions by Tony Kinsey, John Scott, Sam Fonteyn, Ray Davies, and more. There's a boldness to Library music. It's in the forward nature of where the drums sit in the mix and the percussive playing of the keys that gives you something to grab hold of, it feels grounded yet exciting. It's music beamed in from a different galaxy!

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