DJ Absolutely Shit - Double LP - Artists DJ Absolutely Shit Genre House, Hardcore, Rave Release Date 25 Nov 2022 Cat No. RL43 Format 2 x 12" Vinyl - Red Laser Records - Red Laser Records - Red Laser Records - Red Laser Records - Vinyl Record

DJ Absolutely Shit - Double LP

LABEL:   Red Laser Records

ARTISTS: DJ Absolutely Shit
RELEASE DATE: 2023-01-20
FORMAT: 2 x 12" Vinyl - Gatefold
STYLE: House, Hardcore, Rave

Stricly limited to 300 / screen printed gatefold sleeves & stamped labels. ***Taken from Leaked Whatsapp messages between DJ Absolutely Shit and Il Bosco*** Yo cousin's ya raisin widge? Nice one for that last lot of dough i'm starting to well buzz off all this music industry bollocks now you know...mad what you can do with a catchy DJ name and pure absolutely mega tunes wot are miles better than anyone elses init? Anyway i've been diggin' me fuckin' 'ed off ant I recently and got some more well primo gear for yas here...done 8 this time - was thinking if i'm managing to sort me life out banging out EPs for yas - if I do and album or two i'll be mega wedged in no time deffo init. Yeah i'm thinking fuck this i need to get out this rank shit-hole quicktime... spotted this sick 3 bed thatched cottage gaff in Cadishead the other day, well smart. Detached n everything G, so can deffo get a proper grow on in there piece of piss. Gran's doin me ed in n all here G, big style the old slapper. She keeps robbin' me cash! Turn me back for 5 mins and she's fuckin chonged it all the little turd... fuckin fuming ta fuck g cant wait to do one from that shitty flat...and if she thinks she's keeping me dodgy sky box she suck me widge haha. Anyway shout me soon init. fuck knows what to call this album g. ask Pharaoh to come up with a name for it the turd. i can't be arsed thinkin... Seen him the other day actually bumped into him and that Crispy Duck guy who does those sick comics. They was outside some posh coffee gaff in Ancoats with a few other chumps lobbing bricks at a pile of other bricks down near the canal drinking pink hooch the turds. Get em to do the artwork for it n all g. if they want paying or owt tell 'em to suck me widge haha. Nice one

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