Artists Dosis Genre Techno Release Date 28 January 2022 Cat No. DR002 Format 12" Vinyl - Vinyl Record

Dosis - Naranja

LABEL:   Delicate Records

RELEASE DATE: 2022-01-28
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
GENRE: Techno

Delicate Records sheds it’s soft sensitive skin; evolving through a callous cross-Canadian melding of the minds. Dosis is Nap (Isla / Ambien Baby) and ZDBT (1800Haight Street / Phost), an organically masterful combination; the partnership conjuring instinctive chantings of the deep with Naranja and its frisky B side dub.

The title track is a drill in percussive practice, a repetition session for body release. With furious inhale, a grating of timbres and captivating clap-backs are sucked in through the senses, trickling down to the toes. Lured by swampy wubs of sub, amoebic roots in drums and primal hymns drenched out past the horizon. The essence of erosion seeps through on the flip; Nap’s imitable vocals find a home in a hypnotic habitat, stretched duration and gorgeous frolic. A drop into dubby bliss; shrieking skritches and distortions fly rogue, yet discover curious harmony.

An essential disc for freaky folk; head in the clouds and feet dug deep.

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