Dusty Donuts - Weapons Of Choice Vol 2 - Vinyl Record

Dusty Donuts - Weapons Of Choice Vol 2

LABEL:   Dusty Donuts

ARTISTS: Dusty Donuts
RELEASE DATE: 2022-12-16
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
GENRE: Hip-Hop, Funk

Dusty Donuts strikes back with the second part of their Weapons of Choice series. Put together by DJ Robert Smith, Marc Hype, Naughty NMX and DJ Goce it features classic 90s golden age intoxicated beats, a long intro selection and five skipless scratch effect tracks made for phrase cutting, all produced to fit together perfectly. This battle tool was created to cater for the portablist and 45 club DJ alike. It’s one of those records, that just stays in the crate of every dedicated Hip Hop 45 DJ!


A1 - First Taste
A2 - Competition Is None
A3 - Scratchdeeznuts 1 & 2
B1 - World Famous
B2 - Scratchdeeznuts 3 - 5

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