Epicentre ft. Bernadette Bascom ‎- Get Off The Phone - Artists Epicentre Bernadette Bascom Genre Boogie, Soul Release Date Cat No. ZP 24 Format 7" Vinyl - Izipho Soul - Izipho Soul - Izipho Soul - Izipho Soul - Vinyl Record

Epicentre ‎- 'Get Off The Phone' Vinyl

LABEL:   Izipho Soul

ARTISTS: Epicentre, Bernadette Bascom
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Boogie, Soul

In 1978, Seattle funk group Epicentre recorded the infectious boogie wonder: ‘Get Off The Phone’, written by the group’s keyboardist, Stacy Christenson, with Bernadette on lead vocals. The song was featured on a compilation at the time, KYYX:FM Seattle Grown, but never got released on a 45. Fast forward three years, there was another call to make! Bernadette met Stevie Wonder and formed a lifelong friendship, prospective recordings were made, including a re-recording of ‘Get Off The Phone’. Until now it has been locked away, therefore we are thrilled to bring the two versions together on a 7’’ single, authentically packaged in a picture sleeve.

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