Ginger Root - Nisemono - Artists Ginger Root Genre Boogie, City-Pop, Indie Release Date 21 Apr 2023 Cat No. ACRO1138-VAR Format 12" Neon Green Vinyl - Acrophase Records - Acrophase Records - Acrophase Records - Acrophase Records - Vinyl Record

Ginger Root - Nisemono

LABEL:   Acrophase Records

ARTISTS: Ginger Root
RELEASE DATE: 2023-04-21
FORMAT: 12" Neon Green Vinyl
STYLE: Boogie, City-Pop, Indie

When an artist sets out to build a universe it is often overwhelming and is lost in translation as they try to captivate their fans with lush visuals and concept around the music. The challenges that come with the concept are juxtaposed with the opportunity to create something truly impactful for the project. Nisemono showcases Ginger Root combining all the aspects of his work to extend the music into a new world. The phrase loosely translates to “fraud or fake”, and is yet another part of the universe. The EP sets out to immerse the listeners in a world fully crafted by Lew. Nisemono tells the story of Ginger Root’s role in delivering the latest project for the biggest star in Japan, Kimiko Takeguchi. He is called in to help craft her vision and bring the music to life ahead of her American debut. The project brings an immense amount of pressure to the artist's career as it is meant to introduce her to the rest of the world. When Takeguchi is set to make her debut in America she decides to walk away from it all after dealing with the pressure of her career. In that moment her management needs to do anything they can to deliver an artist in America, and see Ginger Root as the perfect alternative who is standing side stage at the late night performance. Ginger Root is thrust into the spotlight and becomes a star. Nisemono tells the story of his fraudulent rise to fame and equally quick fall. The story echoes some of the sentiments Ginger Root experienced in the past year as they saw their music flirt with virality and the new influx of fans that came with the EP, City Slicker. Ginger Root’s universe is not one dimensional, and rather than just being consumed like a normal EP the listener is expected to become a viewer. The visual universe of Nisemono is highly stylized, and the project is meant to invoke the feelings of the Japanese “idol era” that came in the 70’s-80’s. Each track will be accompanied by a visual that advances the story line of Ginger Root’s rise to fame. The goal of Nisemono is to build a fraudulent universe completely crafted at the hands of Lew from the music and artists to the ads and late night shows.


1. Kimiko! 2. Loneliness 3. Holy Hell 4. Over the Hiil 5. Nisemono 6. Everything's Alright (Meet You in the Galaxy Ending Theme) 7. Kimiko! (Instrumental) 8. Loneliness (Demo) 9. Holy Hell (Demo) 10. Over the Hill (Demo) 11. Nisemono (Demo) 12. Everything's Alright (Meet You in the Galaxy Ending Theme) (Instrumental) 13. Holy Jazz

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