Grèn Sémé - Maloya Gazé EP - Grèn Sémé - Maloya Gazé EP - Artists Grèn Sémé Style Electro Release Date 5 Apr 2024 Cat No. MKTZ02 Format 12" Vinyl - Markotaz - Markotaz - Markotaz - Grèn Sémé - Maloya Gazé EP - Markotaz - Markotaz - Vinyl Record

Grèn Sémé - Maloya Gazé EP

LABEL:   Markotaz

ARTISTS: Grèn Sémé
RELEASE DATE: 2024-04-05
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Electro

Reunion's major musical genre, Maloya, becomes "gazé" (crazy) through the sounds composed by Grèn Sémé for this new EP. A gassed maloya that combines direct inspiration from the purest line of this traditional réunionese music with the highly contemporary evolution that is the Grèn Sémé group's signature. Composed during the studio sessions for their latest album, "Zamroza", the first three tracks on this new EP reveal the sunny side of the Creole band. You can taste their love of lyrics and their thirst for discovery. And the right mix of compositions. Inspired by the tradition of the greatest song/percussion pieces in the island's history, Grèn Sémé offers three anthems that lend themselves perfectly to the remix exercise. Deluxe bonus: the 3 Remixes of Voilaaa + La Dame + Guiss Guiss Bou bess Voilaaa and the fabulous Bruno Patchworks take on "Siko" to create a Cape Verdean ballroom hit. funana with its heady melodies, it's ultra danceable! La Dame, producer and DJ from Belgium, remixes the eponymous track into an effective batida for the dancefloor, DJs and dancers alike. Guiss Guiss Bou Bess take remixing a step further, adding Senegalese sabars and the vocals of group leader Mara Seck to Carlo de Sacco's Alkol.

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