Hardacre - Hardacre 002 - Artists Hardacre Genre Breakbeat, Rave Release Date April 8, 2022 Cat No. HARDACRE002 Format 12" Vinyl - Hardacre - Hardacre - Hardacre - Hardacre - Hardacre 002 - Hardacre - Hardacre - Vinyl Record

Hardacre - Hardacre 002

LABEL:   Hardacre

ARTISTS: Hardacre
RELEASE DATE: 2022-04-08
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Breakbeat, Rave

Proudly introducing this second instalment in the Hardacre label series:

Harnessing the sounds of UK rave, breakbeat, techno, trance and acid are four must have tracks ready to take your sound systems to the outer limits of time and space.

The journey begins with ‘Control’, an intergalactic dancefloor shaker fuelled by its ruthless 303 acid line and breakbeat percussions. ‘Dream Sequence’ then takes you deeper into the cosmos, intertwining hypnotic melodies and pads with a coruscating bass line.

‘Future’ then delivers a juggernaut for your bass bins packing a pacey concoction of breakbeat and bass before ‘The Awakening’ concludes the voyage through its trance melodies and otherworldly pads.

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