Heart People - In Your Eyes - Heart People - In Your Eyes - Artists Heart People Genre Electronica, Balearic Release Date 1 Dec 2023 Cat No. PF012 Format 12" Vinyl - Pinchy & Friends - Pinchy & Friends - Pinchy & Friends - Heart People - In Your Eyes - Pi - Vinyl Record

Heart People - In Your Eyes

LABEL:   Pinchy & Friends

ARTISTS: Heart People
RELEASE DATE: 2023-12-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Electronica, Balearic

HEART PEOPLE (Ryan Grieve & Rachel Rutt) is a duo born from a love of Italo Disco, New Beat, and Balearic energy. For the past two decades, Grieve has impacted underground music on many fronts; founding the Aussie record label HOLE IN THE SKY (featuring early music by Tame Impala, Canyons, Bell Towers, among others), releasing music (alongside Leo James) as Canyons (modular / DFA), and putting out new beat dance floor destroyers under the moniker ABSOLUTE UNITY. With Heart People, we witness Grieve’s natural born gift of production in perhaps its most ideal setting. Alongside Rachel Rutt (also Grieve’s life partner) we find a sound that is equally as relevant dancing in the club as it is laying in the sunshine. Their debut EP, Homecoming (2017) was received with critical acclaim and featured remixes from Toulouse Low Trax, Mr TC, and the late, great Andrew Weatherall. Here on ADRIATICA, we find the duo setting out on a conceptual journey in search of an oceanic paradise.

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