HMC - LSD (25th Anniversary Release) - Artists HMC Genre Techno, Reissue Release Date 1 Jan 2021 Cat No. R002 Format 12" Vinyl - Reflector Records - Reflector Records - Reflector Records - Reflector Records - Vinyl Record

HMC - LSD (25th Anniversary Release)

LABEL:   Reflector Records

RELEASE DATE: 2021-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Techno, Reissue

HMC is the undisputed godfather of the Australian techno scene. A quarter of a century ago he dropped his brilliantly nasty 'LSD' track and it went on to soundtrack raves all over the world. Now, he returns with a special anniversary edition on bespoke label Reflector. The original has been remastered for the occasion and still kicks like a mule - the hurried drums, the slapping and crashing snares and the urgent bass are all run through with angsty stabs that make for an intense rave sound. Also included is a new remix from Steve Ward. His Acid Manipulation is a brain frying workout with haunting pads a wispy acid to freak you out further.

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