Incus - Design Your Mind - Artists Incus Genre Minimal Release Date 25 February 2022 Cat No. INCA001 Format 12" Vinyl - INC.AUDIO - INC.AUDIO - INC.AUDIO - INC.AUDIO - Vinyl Record

Incus - Design Your Mind


RELEASE DATE: 2022-03-11
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Minimal

As the tides change and the majesty of the moon once more begins to illuminate our forgotten domain, the hotly-tipped Incus has made the jump to hyperspace and determined that now is the time to unleash his neoteric creation into the macrocosm of music. At the behest of the sonic social masters, "INC.AUDIO" will be deemed a passion project, but in reality it will rip the very fabric of what it means to have a personal creative outlet, curtailing boundaries and expectations alike. Based on the creed of freedom of experimentation, the label will allow Incus and close friends within the industry to share their creative expressions within a familial and contemporary framework free from third-party limitation.

For now we start at the first chapter of the INC.AUDIO narrative, and the inaugural release which comes from the architect himself. His first solo EP contains 4 tracks conceived at home during lockdown, combining new sound design techniques developed through the mediums of trusty Korg Hardware and Ableton live. The end product is a consummate representation of the benefits of free time, reckless abandon and zero red tape.

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