Irie Nation - 5.1398° N, 3.3238° W - Artists Irie Nation Genre Tech House, Breakbeat Release Date Cat No. JIGIT001 Format 12" Vinyl - Jigit - Vinyl Record

Irie Nation - 5.1398° N, 3.3238° W [Warehouse Find]

LABEL:   Jigit

ARTISTS: Irie Nation
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Tech House, Breakbeat


As with any supernatural source of energy, there are multiple rumors on the origins of Jigit. Some say it landed on earth during a meteor shower and transmitted itself to the witnesses on the beaches of Bahia, causing unbreakable bonds. Others believe that it was reincarnated from the ashes of cedar trees during a ritual in the holy mountains of Mesopotamia.

One thing that is certain is that Jigit appears in times of uncertainty, to conquer fear, turning it into weapons of mass creation through messengers of love and unity. Now is the time to document the stories of Jigit, in order to spread the vibrations to the people of this world.

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