J-Walk - 'Mellotronique' Vinyl - Artists J-Walk Genre Downtempo, Nu-Disco Release Date 26 Jul 2022 Cat No. BiD002 Format 12" Vinyl - Before I Die - Before I Die - Before I Die - J-Walk - 'Mellotronique' Vinyl - Before I Die - Before I Die - Vinyl Record

J-Walk - 'Mellotronique' Vinyl

LABEL:   Before I Die

RELEASE DATE: 2022-07-26
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Downtempo, Nu-Disco

Lovingly recorded at home in lockdown during 2020/21 by Martin 'Brew' Fisher and receiving a very limited cassette release in September 2021.

Mellotronique was on heavy rotation on Jason's Bluetooth speaker, Jason gave his Stockport based compatriot and friend a call to see if they could collaborate to do a vinyl release of the LP via Before I Die and a plan was agreed over tasty Noodle dishes at The Mekong Cat on Hillgate.

The LP is a collection of inspired pieces which wears its influences on its sleeve but is uniquely J-Walk, elements of Art Of Noise's bohemian electronica, 1980's Japanese video game cues, electro funk, street soul, slow motion disco and melodic synth jams all with the crisp percussion, meaty basslines and the spacious production Martin is renowned for.

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