Jimmy Rouge - Jimmy Rouge Edits - Jimmy Rouge - Jimmy Rouge Edits - Artists Jimmy Rouge Genre Disco Edits Release Date 1 Jan 2019 Cat No. RNT048 Format 12" Vinyl - Razor-N-Tape - Razor-N-Tape - Razor-N-Tape - Jimmy Rouge - Jimmy Rouge Edits - Razor-N-Tape - Vinyl Record

Jimmy Rouge - Jimmy Rouge Edits

LABEL:   Razor-N-Tape

ARTISTS: Jimmy Rouge
RELEASE DATE: 2019-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco Edits

Irishman Jimmy Rouge of Orange Tree Edit fame joins the Razor-N-Tape team with a 2-track EP of bumping edit heat. On the A-side “So Long” flips a cheeky hook over a rub-bery bass-line, with tension-building synth interludes that release into an ear worm of a vocal riff. On the flip, “Movin'” is a deep uptempo burner with piano stabs, rhythmic guitar plucks and an unstoppable groove. RNT takes it back to their OG format of a single track per side, running loud and proud…one listen to these belters and you’ll see why!

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