Keni Okulolo ‎- Talkin' Bass Experience - Artists Keni Okulolo Style Afrobeat, Psychedelic Rock Release Date 1 Jan 2016 Cat No. HC42 Format 12" Vinyl, Tip-on sleeve - Hot Casa Records - Hot Casa Records - Hot Casa Records - Hot Casa Records - Vinyl Record

Keni Okulolo ‎- Talkin' Bass Experience

LABEL:   Hot Casa Records

ARTISTS: Keni Okulolo
RELEASE DATE: 2016-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl, Tip-on sleeve
STYLE: Afrobeat, Psychedelic Rock

Reissue of an ultra-rare Afro-Funk album by KENI OKULOLO. First and rare album from the famous bass player and band leader of MONOMONO Nigerian band. 3 amazing tracks recorded in 1974 at EMI studio, taken from his ultra-rare and so hard to find Talkin' bass experience masterpiece album plus an extra track that we decided with the artist to include here. His funky gem “Funky People” was produced during the famous “Mixed Grill” sessions in Lagos. Fully Licenced with one of a few living Nigerian musicians with roots in both traditional village music and funky West-African popular genres, five times voted Nigeria's best bassist by the Nigerian Association of Music journalists. The original album is so hard to find and cost more than thousand euros, so don’t hesitate to listen to this remastered Afro-Soul gem.

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