Khalab - The Great Oxidation - Artists Khalab Genre Broken Beat, Experimental Release Date 15 Dec 2021 Cat No. HJ995 Format 12" Vinyl - Hyperjazz - Vinyl Record

Khalab - The Great Oxidation

LABEL:   Hyperjazz

RELEASE DATE: 2021-12-15
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Broken Beat, Experimental

As debut on his own label Hyperjazz Records, with 'The Great Oxidation EP', electro-shaman Khalab comes back to his natural habitat: the dance floor. With these three instrumental tracks, the visionary artist aims to drive the listener on a backward journey, down to rediscover the most ancestral human rite: to dance. A return to the origin in a radical way to reach a brighter future, but also a bridge for another world - a new space where meet new life forms and uncover new feelings and new consciousness. To embellish this EP, the presence of two very special collaborations.

His music evolution is a seamless journey – from the most ancestral tribes to the unexplored cosmos; from the black jungle to the skyscrapers; from the remotest subconscious to the furthest and real projection of future Africa. His wide-reaching musical tastes can be heard regularly on his monthly Worldwide FM show, Love from Rome. Already working on a new record ready in 2022, Khalab pulls out of his laboratory the first experiment with this EP.

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