Kinesthesia - 'Kinesthesia Volume 1' Vinyl - Artists Kinesthesia Genre Techno, IDM, Abstract Release Date 1 Jan 1993 Cat No. CAT 011 Format 12" Vinyl - Rephlex - Rephlex - Rephlex - Rephlex - Vinyl Record

Kinesthesia - Kinesthesia Volume 1

LABEL:   Rephlex

ARTISTS: Kinesthesia
RELEASE DATE: 1993-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Techno, IDM, Abstract

Media Condition: Very Good +

Sleeve Condition: Very Good +

This record and it's follow up are among the best that Rephlex has to offer. They are sharp, precise knives designed to peel the skin off your face like an over-irrigated grape in front of a conveniently placed mirror for your edification at the hands of a demented musical cartel enforcer. And let's face it, who doesn't enjoy a bit of a slap and torture on a lazy afternoon followed by a nice hot acid bath in a plastic rainwater barrel? This is seriously good gear, far better than the later mindless wank spelunked out of the overflowing IDM drop pit which has terminally infected this label in a Quixotic quest to freak itself out while taking a dump in the bushes. These recordings are an artifact from another time before we became swamped by irrelevant wannabe Detroit poseurs pulling a Mills stumbling incoherently toward their latest snoretastic excursion to enrich their career in an environmentally friendly manner recycling the same old tired bollocks. These works are the musical equivalent of a good horror movie lovingly crafted by some nutter glued to an Emu sampler distracted from their mission only when battling an overflowing ash tray. You'll have a hell of a time finding anything quite like this. Make no mistake, these records are strangely timeless and a whole lot better than anything shat out of the back passage of some Cornwall hippies busy defacing the London underground to sucker people into buying what amounts to a bunch of unfinished stems. These are nothing like that. These are the real deal. These are Industrial Techno.

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