Krewcial - Clouds Edits - Krewcial - Clouds Edits - Artists Krewcial Genre Disco Edits Release Date 26 Aug 2022 Cat No. VINYLATORS08 Format 12" Vinyl - Vinylators - Vinylators - Vinylators - Krewcial - Clouds Edits - Vinylators - Vinylators - Vinyl Record

Krewcial - Clouds Edits

LABEL:   Vinylators

ARTISTS: Krewcial
RELEASE DATE: 2022-08-26
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco Edits

Another essential Chaka tune getting the Krewcial treatment. Mixed from the original multitracks, with love and respect for the original. Three quintessential variations: a more intimate acoustic version, a completely new arrangement and of course a 9 minute never-ending dancefloor version with various breaks and climaxes.

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