Landlord - I Like It (Blow Out Dub) - Artists Landlord Genre Breakbeat, Techno Release Date 18 March 2022 Cat No. BRADE2019CLEAR Format 12" Vinyl Special Variant Features EP, Reissue - Big Shot Records - Big Shot Records - Big Shot Records - Big Shot Reco - Vinyl Record

Landlord - I Like It (Blow Out Dub)

LABEL:   Big Shot Records

ARTISTS: Landlord
RELEASE DATE: 2022-03-18
FORMAT: 12" Clear Vinyl
STYLE: Breakbeat, Techno

From the mists of 1989 comes The Landlord with this monolithic slab of rave history - 'I Like It'. Instantly recognisable, those widely sampled piano stabs, that bassline.... it's all there. Produced by Canadian super-producer and Big Shot Records label owner Nick Fiorucci this much sought after rave anthem was highly prized and coveted by those in the know back in the day, no-one had any idea as to how huge the record would become as it soundtracked every dancefloor, warehouse, field and loft from '89 onwards, this is it, the real deal! Enter: The Maghreban. One of R&S Records contemporary artists and an unashamed Hardcore / Jungle / Breakbeat enthusiast, he seemed like the perfect remixer. Maghreban's mix is respective of the roots and the legacy of 'I Like It', referencing some of it's later sampled incarnations in a clever and knowing way, a true DJ tool that has been road-tested and checked in clubs across Europe and beyond, his epic 'Revenge Remix' shows a deep understanding of the history of these particular records and how they work on the dancefloor. This one will have people crying for more! Also featured on this special RSD 2019 release is the OG 'Blow-Out Dub', the one that started it all. Classic material from end to end right here. Essential business from Above Board distribution and Nick Fiorucci / Big Shot Records.

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