Leroy Burgess - Heartbreaker (Inc. Moplen Remix) - Leroy Burgess - Heartbreaker (Inc. Moplen Remix) - Artists Leroy Burgess, Moplen Style Disco, Remix Release Date 1 Jan 2020 Cat No. SG-409RX Format 12" Vinyl - Salsoul - Salsoul - Salsoul - Leroy Burgess - Vinyl Record

Leroy Burgess - Heartbreaker (Inc. Moplen Remix)

LABEL:   Salsoul

ARTISTS: Leroy Burgess, Moplen
RELEASE DATE: 2020-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco, Remix

Italian Disco remixer extraordinaire Moplen is back at the controls with a super sublime reworking of a wonderful and rare early 80's Leroy Burgess jam from the Salsoul vaults. 'Heartbreaker' is an underground classic, seeing Burgess back in the studio with longtime collaborator Sonny T. Davenport and Kiss FM mastermixer and producer Shep Pettibone on mixing duties. A tight and flawless early 80's production sensibility and the incredible vocal arrangements and lyrical performance of Leroy Burgess make this one a definite essential in any DJ's box. This is the real deal. If you dig that post-Disco electronic sound this one is for you, simply perfect in every way and quite tough to track down these days in its original form with copies reaching high figures on the second hand market. Needless to say, Moplen injects his own personal style into his remix and adds his unique flair creating an essential new version of this classic on the B-side. Always understanding, respectful and fresh, Moplen pumps 'Heartbreaker' in all the best ways, crafting a drum and bass heavy DJ version and new arrangement that you will be hearing for many years to come! Disco bliss. This remix and reissue is 100% supported by Leroy Burgess, who dug Moplen's new vision of this 1983 classic. Fully licensed, sanctioned and released by Above Board distribution and Salsoul Records, 2020. Accept no imitations!

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